Sofia, Bulgaria

July 2011



In July we were invited by our Bulgarian friends to give two concerts in Sofia and Plovdiv. Once Eshana heard of these plans she was determined that we should nip across the Serbian boarder and give a concert in Niš too.

It was great to be back in Sofia, our first time in 4 years, and despite the overwhelming heat we performed to a great audience, performing Sri Chinmoy‘s Bulgaria song – a tribute to the Country – gave us a real thrill and the audience loved it. The next day we made the beautiful journey to Niš, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that the concert hall was the same one we’d performed at on our first visit to Niš back in the 90s. 300 people crowded into the room and we thoroughly enjoyed our concert, as did our audience. Our last concert was in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre welcomed us and looked after our every need, and giving the concert was a real joy.

— Shankara