About Temple-Song-Hearts

Temple-Song-Hearts is an all female vocal and instrumental ensemble, featuring singers and musicians from across Europe. The group was founded in 1988 and has evolved over the decades to produce a sound that fuses classical and modern, Western and Eastern, in a musical expression that is at once contemplative and joyful.

The group, led by Shankara Smith who studied singing at the feet of Sri Chinmoy and Eshana Gadjanski an accomplished pianist, is devoted exclusively to performing the music of Sri Chinmoy.

For Sri Chinmoy, music was more than art, entertainment or even self-expression – it was the language of the soul, a bridge from earth to heaven, capable of dissolving man-made barriers, closing gaps between cultures, faiths and nations.

With haunting and soul-stirring voices Temple-Song-Hearts takes the depth, power and sheer vastness of Sri Chinmoy’s musical composition and weaves an experience dedicated to the journey of the human soul.

The group has toured extensively throughout Europe, offering free concerts of soulful music to inspire and uplift. Its members hail from U.K, France, Austria, Germany, Holland, Serbia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Ukraine.

‘We sing these devotional songs to awaken our spiritual heart and bring to the fore our inner qualities, to carry us along the path of meditation.’