flowersIn our concerts and recordings we try to keep a peaceful atmosphere, so that you can benefit from the meditative qualities of the songs as well as enjoying the melodies. The many benefits of meditation are well-known these days in the West, and there are many different techniques. Rather than needing to retreat into a Himalayan cave, anyone who wants to feel the benefits of meditation, can do so by bringing it into their daily routine at home, meditating for a little longer each day, either silently or with soulful music. It is not always easy, it takes patience, but over time it is worth the effort.

Sri Chinmoy’s teachings on meditation are very simple, and can be practised by anyone. They follow the ancient Indian tradition of yoga (meaning union), and specifically focus on the heart centre (or chakra), in the middle of the chest. Before listening to our songs, if you take a few moments to still the mind, observe the breathing, and focus your attention on the heart centre, you will probably find you receive more from the music.

In Sri Chinmoy’s own words:
“Music and spirituality go together. God Himself is the Supreme Musician and each human being is a note in His cosmic Game. God is playing His cosmic Role in mankind through music. Through His music, God is offering to His children the message of unity in multiplicity and also the message of multiplicity in unity. When we play soulful music, we elevate our consciousness most rapidly. Soulful music is a form of aspiration, a form of meditation.”
~Sri Chinmoy [Source]

To find out more about free meditation courses in London, visit, or for other areas and more online resources, please visit the Sri Chinmoy Centre official website here.

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